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Access our Growing Audience of Subscribers Actively Engaged in Supporting Local Businesses

Growing Audience

We do all the work of getting your message in front of 1000's of high-income, active spending households.

Spotlight Your Biz

Keep your business visible & top of mind with engaged local residents that gets people calling & coming in. 

Super Affordable

Reaching customers via traditional methods is becoming harder and pricier. Newsletter ads offer efficient, budget-friendly exposure.

Interactive TrustLinks

Access unique technology that enables you to have highly engaging interactive ads customized to produce results.

No Contracts

You're not tied into any long term contracts. You choose how many issues to feature your business in.

Social Shout Outs

Extend exposure and showcase your brand across our vibrant social media channels on a regular basis.

Advertising Options

Social Storytelling + Direct Response + Guaranteed Reach

Spotlight what makes your business great! Unveil your business story in a captivating way with a compelling, fully written article mixed with images, video, and links.

Ignite your marketing strategy with our Solo Ad option, designed for maximum impact. Reach up to 90,000 Gilbert residents in an email that’s dedicated exclusively to you!

Elevate your local presence and stay top of mind by having your business listed in our "Featured Business" section. Every issue will include your logo and direct link to your website or Interactive TrustLink.

Secure a prominent spot in our email newsletter for ongoing exposure. Your business name and logo will take center stage, attracting attention while providing a direct link to your website or Interactive TrustLink.

Reach the Gilbert community right where they are most active and engaged – on their Instagram and Facebook accounts!

Our newsletter has a growing list of highly-engaged subscribers eager to hear more about what’s hot in Gilbert - reach them in their inbox!

Easy to Get Started

Step 1

Reserve Your Spot

Simply reserve your spot and we'll help get you started with featuring your business & getting seen

Step 2

We Do The Work

We'll put together a professionally written article and/or designed ad ready to be seen by local residents

Step 3

You Get Seen

Once your ad is approved, your promo piece will be scheduled & delivered so that you can be seen

Commonly Asked Questions

Why should I advertise in a newsletter?

Advertising in an email newsletter offers a compelling solution to the challenges faced in the advertising landscape today.

Traditional channels have become increasingly challenging and expensive, and privacy changes like Apple's shift have disrupted hyper-targeting. Meanwhile, ad blockers and click fraud pose obstacles to reaching your audience, and the costs of advertising on platforms like Google and Facebook continue to rise.

However, the benefits of advertising in an email newsletter cannot be overlooked.
Firstly, email newsletters ensure forced engagement, as ads seamlessly blend with content, compelling readers to interact to continue reading. This approach bypasses ad blockers, ensuring your message lands directly in inboxes. Moreover, it provides robust fraud protection, as real readers guarantee genuine interactions, safeguarding your advertising investment.

In addition to these advantages, advertising in email newsletters is a cost-effective alternative, offering efficient and budget-friendly exposure. It's an often underrated yet highly impactful advertising avenue that can help your business overcome the challenges of traditional channels and evolving digital advertising landscapes.

Is this type of advertising affordable?

Advertising in email newsletters is a cost-effective alternative, offering efficient and budget-friendly exposure compared to other forms of advertising.

The real power is that your business is appearing right inside the inboxes of people who are actively engaged with what's happening in their local area. These people are looking to support local businesses both as buyers and referral sources.

Not to mention we pride ourselves on overdelivering, ensuring you get the most value for your ad dollars.

Who does Gilbert Thrive target?

We target people who live in Gilbert AZ and have extra disposable household income.

About 79.7% of our audience is women and 96% of all subscribers are age 35+ with a good majority of them being home owners. 

If you need more specific targeting, we can do custom digital mailers that target your most ideal audience where you can zero in on your ideal audience using over 750 data points. Contact us for details.

Where do you get your list?

We have an internal database of local residents who voluntarily subscribe to receive our Gilbert Thrive newsletter which features local news, events, & businesses.

This provides you with access to people who are actively engaged with what's happening in their local area. These people are looking to support local businesses both as buyers and referral sources.

We've also partnered with a company that works 24/7 to gather and clean the data available in their own database.  Every email sent to is 100% opt-in only. 

We have access to over 140 million emails with 5+ million pieces of fresh data being added every month.  This is all enterprise level data and infrastructure used by many Fortune 500 companies.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Absolutely Not!  We don't lock you into any contract.  We don't want your money if the service is not working for you.  What's great is can try this out for little money compared to other forms of advertising.  We even track how many people are seeing your ad and visiting your website so you can more easily track what you're money is getting you.

What do I need to provide?

We do 99% of the work including professional ad design, compiling your target audience, and mailing everything out.  The only 2 things we need from you are: (1) your featured service(s) & (2) logo graphic to brand your ad.

Most businesses already have these and you can get going with almost no work on your part.

How do I get started?

Use the button on this page to submit payment and reserve your spot. We'll then contact you for any needed information. Once this is ready, we'll get you scheduled to be featured to our list of local residents.

Who are you?

True Inspired Solutions is a local software company that serves the Gilbert, AZ area.  We provide small businesses with cost effective software solutions that help get more calls from people wanting to buy your service.

The Gilbert Thrive email newsletter, co-op mailers and other social media properties are part of an initiative to help local residents support local businesses and help local businesses get more visibility without the high costs associated with most advertising.

Have More Questions?

At the end of the day, our goal is to help you get maximum value from your ad dollars.

Reach out and we'll do what we can to help you reach your goals getting more reach, visibility, and ultimately more top-line revenue.

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